Friday, February 24, 2012

List your foods!

Ok, so here is a place to list your foods, but go a step further and tell why.  Why is bell pepper on your list or mushrooms or etc.  Eventually we will need to share recipes.


  1. chicken - protein
    potato - wish i liked sweet potatoes better
    biscuit - regular bread is too boring
    broccoli - love my green veggie
    apple - gives me options
    ham - needed something besides chicken and i don't do eggs
    spinach? not sure about this one yet

    1. so my wife says ham is pork for me
      I'm now thinking peanut butter and banana.
      I'm a pretty plain kind of guy but this list is hard to swallow. any ideas?

    2. Ok, so did you go with peanut butter and banana. Oh is that on a biscuit today?

      I actually think claiming pork would be a good idea - the other white meat. If you claim pork don't you get pork chops, bacon, ham, pulled pork shoulders, bacon, ribs, pigs feet, bacon, pork rines, bacon, bacon, bacon.

      Hey, maybe this wouldn't be such a bad month after all.

      Did I mention bacon.

  2. It was tough to pick just seven and I am not sure that I'm happy with them, but it here is goes. When they are published there is no turning back right? I will say that I did spend some time analyzing my foods. I'm a dietitian so that was a given I guess. I wanted to give up spinach but that drastically decreased my iron intake so I added it back in. I would have much rather added another fruit. Oh well, spinach salad (with no dressing except olive oil) and spinach omelets here I come.

    My seven FOODS:
    Wheat bread
    Sweet potatoes

    My beverages:
    Milk (Sorry I just could not risk bone loss during this experiment and milk is also not a food.)

    We'll also be taking one day a week as a family to eat like our sponsored child in India. As you can see I am loosely following this seven food thing. What do you expect when the author made fun of me in chapter one? I almost had to put the book down on page 37 when she wrote nutritional "experts." Off my soap box and ready to begin seven on day 5, because I'll be in Vegas at a conference for the first 4 days. Again, I haven't completely jumped into this yet. :)

    Lori G.

    1. Guess it is really too late. Julie has done the shopping, but is there any nutritional value in green peppers. Its the only green thing I have?

  3. Ok, here are my 7:
    -Coffee (know it's a beverage but Greg will want to divorce me this month if I don't have coffee at least).
    -Sweet Potatoes
    -Whole grain bread
    -Green beans (I'm still waffling on this one...asparagus is running a close 2nd...thoughts?)

    I'm doing water and milk as well. I have to have vitamin D or I get really depressed and I'm like Lori...calcium is kind of a big deal to me. :)

    I'm doing salt, olive oil, and Splenda (instead of pepper...because I need it in my I lame)?

    I'm cheating on March 17th. We're reclaiming St. Patrick's Day as a celebration day after our terrible SPD last year with K's adoption. So we're having a party at our house if anyone wants to come join us! :) Also, I may or may not stop on March 23rd because I'll be at a conference the 23-25...but I might not. Council??? Thoughts??? :P

  4. is anyone else doing like Jen and trying to buy organic/local? I have no idea what is sold at the Farmer's market here this time of year, but they are open on Tuesday and Saturday. I thought I MIGHT try to shop there, if the price is decent and enough things are sold there that I can eat for a month. If not, maybe just the organic section @publix. I think I am sticking with Jen's list except avocados. I can't decide what to sub for that--possibly yogurt. Ditto on not ditching calcium.

    1. We are doing local eggs. I am going to make sure all the coffee I drink for the month is fair trade. Other than that I think we are being target consumers.

      Anybody know how to make homemade tortillas?

    2. Doing organic cage free eggs and fair trade coffee and I guess I'll try to do the rest organic as much as possible. I can't believe I just said that. Me-The Queen of Pop Tarts for Breakfast.

  5. Here are my foods:

    Sweet Potaotes
    Whole Grain Breads
    Cheese (in moderation)

    I am going to drink water and coffee. You may think this is weak, but I am breaking a long realtionship with Diet Moutain Dew. I have been driking Dt.Mtn Dew since I was 16, except for three nine month stints. I am planning on weaning myself off coffee by the end of the four weeks. Please keep me accountable on this. I am excited and very anxious about this seven month commitment. I feel like God has some big things to reveal to me and I can't wait.


  6. Ok, so here are my seven foods. Some I have been debating on, but here it is:

    1. Chicken - a lean, versatile protein. Truth be known I would rather have beef, but I don't need the fat and the temptation to eat steak every night would be too great. Plus, that much beef leads to constipation.

    2. Eggs - which came first? Doesn't matter I have both.

    3. Rice - how could all of China be wrong. Good and filling.

    4. Apple - no banana, no apple. Its a great source of fiber (see number 1).

    5. Tortilla - anything rolled inside a warm tortilla constitutes a meal. Yes, I will be trying tortilla dumplings.

    6. Green Bell Peppers - I have to have something green and this is the only veggie I like raw.

    7. Coffee - I make no qualms. In order for me to make it and my children to make the month alive I need my coffee. (coffee, rice and apple recipes anyone).

  7. It was definitely hard to narrow down my food to just seven because I love food. So much. But my seven foods are:

    1. Chicken - I can be pretty creative with plain chicken. (:

    2. Cheerios - I have to have something quick and simple in the mornings since I tend to run a little late. I mean, who wants to leave for school at 6:15 anyways?

    3. Milk - According to my mom, I drink my weight in milk pretty much every day. At least it's healthy.

    4. Spinach - I love me some spinach. And I can eat it in a nice variety of ways.

    5. Apples - The perfect, sweet, super fruit. Plus dried apples will be the best snack ever. (Thanks Jen!)

    6. Tortillas - I definitely agree about anything rolled inside a warm tortilla constituting a meal!

    7. Eggs - There's a lot of different ways and times to eat eggs. I'm also pretty sure that my school has eggs every day on the salad bar if I ever decide to question my sanity and eat there.

  8. So did anyone else see Sonic has sweet potato tots? Just kidding:)

    1. I did! Lol! And I'm with you on diet mountain dew! It's going to be HARD for me.

  9. Alright! Are we ready for this tomorrow???
    Here are my 7...
    wheat bread
    green peppers

    I have to say, when I told my list to my brother he reminded me that technically the chicken and the egg are the same thing! SO, do I get another? LOL! I'm feeling so needy for some cheese on my list.
    Oh well, tonight for my final splurge I will be eating a Brownie batter blizzard from DQ!

  10. I am a little late posting my foods. I am basically coping Jen. I like all the foods she listed and I figure she did enough research on getting balanced nutrition.
    Wheat bread
    Sweet Potatoes

  11. I am also a little late posting and starting. Here I go:
    Whole Wheat Bread
    Sweet Potatoes
    Almonds...........or black beans...........or rice...........or chocolate, ok, that's not helping......almonds

    My council also approved:
    "enhanced water"........things brewed with water (coffee, green tea), ok, it's a cheat

    olive oil
    balsamic vinegar

    And for the record, couldn't we just list "whole grains" or "beans" as food choices?
    (I think I'm starting to miss the point........)

    Although, in my defense, this list excludes 90% of the foods in my home. Not to mention the boxes of Girl Scout cookies I ordered several weeks ago that are now sitting on my kitchen table looking at me.......yes, looking at me. If I devote myself to prayer each time I am tempted by them, I will be more devout than I have ever been.
    Praying God shows His strength in my weakness, and focuses me on His immeasurably more will for my life these next few months.

  12. Love it Cindi!! It's not like Julie and I can just throw out all the sweet goodnesses around our house with our little knuckles heads running around. TEMPTATION!!

    I do believe that this is an act of discipline i need. Does that mean I have to like it?