Friday, February 24, 2012

I Guess I am in?

To be honest, I agreed to do this before reading the book.  My beautiful wife came to me with this idea and as i have done a million times in my life I jumped in with both feet without really looking at where i am going to land.  Though with Julie leading, it is surely a place that will leave me better than before.

Anyways, I am finally reading the book and realize this is going to be more difficult than i imagined.  I know that it will take community to keep me all in because i can be a person that blazes quickly with ideas and smolders just as fast.  So, to anyone that stops by this blog while journeying through cyber space know that I need your help.  I'll need your community.

O, and if you have already been on this journey or a similar one I am open to advice on 7 foods that will blend together to make the most exotic of meals.  Bc I don't do bland, simple, plain very well when it comes to food.  And, you better make that 6 foods that will turn into at least 9 exotic different dishes b/c coffee is going to be one of my foods!  C'mon I am already giving up BBQ Chips and oven pizzas.


  1. I'm already coming up with recipes. I think I figured out a way to make apples and eggs go together.

  2. Thanks for setting up the blog, scott! I know I will benefit from bouncing ideas and things off everyone. Plus I will need you all to reel me in when I want to cheat. :)