Thursday, March 1, 2012

First Day!

So today is the first day of 7 foods.  As I got up this morning hungry, I thought about my only real breakfast option - coffee and apples.  A little dread set in.  A little panic set in.  Community accountability set in.  Oh no set in.

And then.

I was reminded that this is not about just denying myself food, not just about being hungry, not just about accomplishment, not even just about disciplining myself.  As a matter of fact, it is not about me at all.  Fasting encompasses all of these elements for the purpose of connection with God.  So, today as I feel a hunger pain, as I deny myself food, as I accomplish the goal for a minute, an hour, a day, as I discipline myself I will ask God what He wants of me, what needs to be revealed to me, what repentance from excess do I need to make.  In this moments, I will try to quiet my spirit and ask God to speak.

By the way, snatched up a starburst off my desk and got it half chewed before I realized what I was doing.  Spit it out.  Wow did it taste good.

I will miss you sweet sugary little goodnesses.

God speak.


  1. Yesterday really stunk for me. Today wasn't too bad, I'm more motivated after today. What are some scriptures that talk about the purpose of fasting?

    1. Hey Stacy, how was day #3? I can't remember what your list is but we have gotten creative and discovered some good little treats...dried apples, apple chips, applesauce and apple juice (of course, these will only matter to you if you chose apples:), let's see....if you have wheat bread on your list Tesney had a great idea and dipped her bread in olive oil with a little pepper-looked delish! Can't wait to see you tomorrow and catch up!

  2. Mourning sin Ex. 24; Deut 9
    Inquiry of God Judges 20
    Repentance 1 Sam. 7; 1 Kings 21; Jonah 3
    During ministry 1 Kings 13
    Prepping for ministry Matthew 6
    Protection Ezra 8
    Confession Nehemiah 1 & 9; Daniel 9
    Driving out demons Mark 9
    Instruction Acts 10