Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Bustle

The bustle.  The bustle of breathing throughout the day, the bustle of kids to dress and press and clean and feed.  The bustle of dressing and pressing and cleaning and feeding myself.  The bustle of Spring Break, the bustle of ministry, work and wife and life.  The bustle.  Making beds and paperwork and reading and studying and writing and ....  The bustle.  My problems, our issues, your concerns.  Gas in the car, wash the car, feed the dog, change diapers.  The bustle.

I have not been diligent in writing and sharing on this blog.  I blame the bustle.  But, I have prayed!  Often when I get caught up in the bustle I also lose sight and lost touch with the Father.  Not this time.  Seven Foods has kept me in his presence.  B/c our need for food and drink and sacrifice and discipline and creativity and community and commitment and counsel and GRACE all pointing to our need for communication with our Father, I have not lost touch.  So even amongst the bustle, Seven reminded me to remain in the presence of the Father through prayer.  Thank you Seven.  Thank you Jen Hatmaker.  Thank you Chicken and eggs and green peppers and rice and apples (lots of apples) and tortillas and coffee.  Thank you Father.

So, how has it affected you?

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  1. I have always been very judgmental when people said, "I just didn't have time." I always thought, "No, you just didn't make time," or "No, you just didn't prioritize your time." But this month I actually understand not having time. I have done the fast and enjoyed the self discipline, but I have not studied like I had planned to study. I truly have not had time.

    I fully understand satan won these last few weeks of my time with unexpected things that have taken my time and thoughts away from studying. I am glad I have six more months to get my thoughts (studying) and actions (fasting) together. Satan needs to back off, but I know it doesn't work like that.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed these last three and a half weeks. I feel better from eating better and not having the caffeine I was used to. I can't believe I can say it but I am OFF of caffeine (this is a huge deal)!! I would love to hear from everyone and see how they are doing.